MES SUITE by T.CON: Paper and packaging production with more transparency, flexibility and sustainability

The release of “MES SUITE 7.0” by T.CON GmbH & Co. KG marks a fully revised and modernized version of the industry-proven manufacturing execution system (MES) for the mill industry. Like its predecessors, the new release of MES SUITE integrates seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA and offers a highly efficient route for enterprises in this sector to progress with digitization in their production systems and thus make their business more sustainable. In addition, MES SUITE 7.0 introduces a whole palette of new features and functionality, with updates to the user interface design and GUI as well as the software architecture itself.

The MES provides the user with automated, event-driven information about where exactly human intervention is needed on the shop floor, plus suggestions for actions that could help resolve or circumvent problems. Its great advantage is that users do not waste time on unnecessary tasks and are instead benefiting from the intuitive, user-friendly interfaces guiding them step by step through their activities. As a result, shop floor processes are streamlined and errors are minimized. A red-light system alerts the user immediately if there are any non-conformities, problems or errors in production, ensuring that they can intervene straight away to resolve the issue. MES SUITE 7.0 has been developed with special attention to production-friendly UX design and has a very shallow learning curve, ensuring high acceptance with end users in production environments. In light of today’s skills shortage, that’s a huge benefit.

The brand-new MES SUITE 7.0 now also has a fully API-based, modular state-of-the-art architecture: this strengthens IT resilience and means that the MES is an open, interoperable platform that can be easily extended by adding modules. Accordingly, enterprises can plan and follow a digital transformation journey precisely adapted and optimized to their specific requirements, investment budget and personnel resources, at the right pace for their environment.

To help enterprises optimize their digital pathway individually, T.CON also offers specialized “production apps”, available as both cloud services and on-premises apps, which can be integrated seamlessly with the core MES modules and are designed to complement them. A few examples include the ENTERPRISE LOGBOOK, a digital shift log and shop floor management tool for recording events and issues that arise in production, SMART IOT for integrating MES, SAP and sensor and machine data, which includes AI-supported data analysis and optimization functionality, WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT for efficient shift scheduling in production, and the very popular TRIM SUITE for trim optimization on rolls, sheets and sections. Since all these apps are based on the same API architecture as MES SUITE 7.0 itself, and follow the same design principles, the end user is always presented with a uniform, consistent interface. Shop floor tools from other vendors can also be integrated directly into the MES.

“MES SUITE 7.0 is an open, modular, flexible, and extensible API-based state-of-the-art platform that enables enterprises to develop and follow a digital transformation journey adapted to their own production environment and ecosystem”, says Michael Karl, MES Product Owner at T.CON. “Our MES also provides extensive data and KPIs that can be used to optimize sustainability and resource usage in the production environment.” The software is continuously being developed and improved, but also remains compatible with older release versions, guaranteeing high investment security.

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