Raumaster Paper Oy has made a significant investment in Pori

Raumaster Paper Oy is constructing a new hall at their Pori location. The investment will increase the facilities by over 30 percent. The project will be completed entirely with local labor from Satakunta by the end of year 2024.

Raumaster Paper Oy has received a building permit for a new 1843 square meter industrial hall at their Lasitie facilities in Söörmarkku, Pori. The hall will be built adjacent to the existing facilities. This is the most significant individual investment in the company’s history.

“The continuously growing demand defines the need for investment. The assembly and warehouses have operated in four different rental spaces in addition to our own facilities over the past few years, to ensure that projects are completed on schedule. The rents and logistics have been a significant expense”, the supply chain manager Jonne Kerola states.

The site has about 5100 square meters of buildings, and a 600 square meter tent hall. With the new hall, the total building area will increase to over 7500 square meters, providing additional space of nearly 32 percent.

The new hall will be 20 x 80 meters in size, and the social spaces 10 x 20 meters. It will have a hook height of 7 meters and a lifting capacity of 50 tons.

“We have anticipated possible future changes and the needs they may bring in the dimensioning. We are implementing for example higher lifting capacities than the current needs, slightly taller space, and tougher floor surfaces”, says CEO Pekka Leino.

The project started in the summer of 2023 with the preliminary planning phase, and the board of Raumaster Paper Oy made the official investment decision in the winter of 2024. The Pori-based MVR-yhtymä Oy was selected as the supplier.

“We have received good ideas and insights from them to find the most optimal solution together. A big thank you also to the city of Pori, which has handled matters excellently. Everything has progressed according to our wishes”, Leino praises.

The handling process of the building permit took only 2,5 months in total.

“We worked in close collaboration and informed constantly how the project is progressing. We guided the operations by clarifying in the preliminary negotiations what both sides need to be prepared for. We aimed for the most transparent permit processing”, says Marko Kallunki, the representative head of the building unit at the city of Pori.

“We are especially focusing on investments that create new jobs and develop businesses. We are fully committed to them, because we want projects like these to succeed”, says Lauri Kilkku, director of economic development and environment.

One hundred percent of the supplying and installing for this project is coming from Satakunta-based companies.

Rami Viitasaari, the CEO of MVR-yhtymä Oy has been actively involved in the project for practically the whole journey. The construction work started on Wednesday, May 22nd, and the commissioning is scheduled for November – December of 2024.

“We have made the construction project procurements, and I am pleased to announce that one hundred percent of the supplying and installing for this project is coming from Satakunta-based companies”, Viitasaari states.

“In line with our values, all of our procurement scope is also sourced from Satakunta. So, we can indeed speak of a project that is one hundred percent Satakunta-based", Kerola adds.