De Iuliis C&A

De Iuliis C&A was founded in 1954  to design and produce paper machinery, serving the industry of the area. Thanks to its success and to the vision of his founder, the engineer Alfonso de Iuliis, the company expands and transfers to cava de Tirreni, in a new plant, becoming a solid partner of several papermills of the entire mediterranean region. Today De Iuliis is still a family business company, that combine his strong tradition and experience in this sector, to all new technologies.

The DJM provides tailored solution for paper machine. Our core business are paper machine modification and revamping, studied by DJM technical staff to suit the specific customers’ needs, and realized in our mechanical workshop, to give the customer a product engineered and realized completely in Italy.
The points of strength of the company can be summarized in high flexibility and attention for design dedicated to each project.
As a result of constant quality enhancement and commitment to technological research, DJM is able to provide customized solutions for the industry of paper manufacturing, through creation of new plants and machinery, or reorganization and upgrading of used equipements to reinforce or improve their performance.

Our main field of production are:
• Wet section: modern air cushioned headboxes with rectifier rolls, tapered cross header and step-manifold, multi-fourdrinier sections for manufacturing of papers and multi-layers boards. • Press section: uni-press, combi press, bi-nip press, jumbo rolls, size-press, suction press. • Dryer section: complete dry end or design modern conception rebuilding, steel dryer cylinders. • Pope reel: complete with automatic parent roll change and spools storage.
• Winder: hydraulic or pneumatic two-drum slitter winders for high and middle working speeds and for any kind of paper and board;
• Rolls, spare parts and maintenance.

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Via XXV Luglio, 116
4 Cava de' Tirreni (SA) - Italy
Phone: +39 089 463844
Fax: +39 089 344485