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Emtec Electronic GmbH – developer, producer and distributor of paper testing technologies - was founded in 1995 by Dipl.-Phys. Giselher Grüner (General Manager) in Leipzig, Germany. The innovative developments are produced in Germany, but distributed worldwide by an international sales network. By now emtec is market leader in ultra sonic penetration measuring techniques.

Additionally, the company developed measuring devices, which are now industry standard in some parts of the paper industry. Our main interest is to supply the pulp & paper industry with innovative measuring devices to optimize products and processes and to assure the quality, which results in savings of material, time and money. Beside the measuring devices we offer also trainings, services and consulting for our customers.


Particle charge, Surface sizing, Glueability, Paper testing instruments, Deposit control, printability, Tissue softness, Ash content, Hygro expansion, Zeta potential Download Brochure



Emtec Electronic GmbH

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