For 20 years, Fastpap has been developing and manufacturing solutions for higher process efficiency and lower costs for the pulp and paper industry. Our expertise is cleaning and cutting systems based on the latest high pressure water jet technology. We have delivered over 500 scanner products worldwide so far. Fastpap is located at the Teivo business park near Tampere, and we are working on global markets. Thanks to the versatile cooperation with our partners we are able to offer our customers a full package of products and services to meet their needs. CLEANING   -Forming fabric cleaning   -Dryer fabric cleaning   -Roll surface cleaning   -Press felt cleaning   -Andritz products   CUTTING   -Wet-end tail cutter   -Dry-end tail cutter (single)   -Dry-end tail cutter (double)   MEASURING     -Dantec Dynamics products   -Press felt monitoring system  


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