Ringdahl Maskiner AB


A service company for Pulp & Paper industry representing many European suppliers for the Scandinavian market.


We are specialists in:
Roll manufacturing, spreader rolls, roll coatings and On-site machining Cotton rolls service. 
Roll grinder measuring systems and upgrades Sensor products.
Nip control paper and Sigma Nip electr. system.
Shower pipes and oscillating system + nozzles Edge cutting system and holders + nozzles.
Steam showers and spraying systems from VIB Help beams for fabric installation in carbon fibre or Pom On-Site service on Küsters, Nipco and other rolls + all spare parts Steam valves, carbon rings and spare parts for all systems.
Doctoring systems, doctoring and coater blades Lubrication systems and all lubrication products

Full range of paper machinery parts like Turbo shaker, Pope, Head box + rebuilds Foils and suction box covers in plastic and CeramX  + suction roll sealings Super finishing service, measuring and upgrades of roll grinding machines Cutting systems, knife holders and shear knives. Wet fabrics and fabric sleeves + Safety equipment, electrical hand tools and everything in welding technic Call us on +46 (0)8 140275 and visit our web-page to find out more: www.ringdahl-maskiner.se

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Ringdahl Maskiner AB

+46 (0)8 140275

Munkbron 510311Stockholm

e-mail clas@ringdahl-maskiner.se