PulPaper: New Finnish record for wood energy consumption

Finnish record consumption of wood fuels is a reality. Photo: Global Wood Market Info

During the PulPaper- exhibition, which ended on 31 May in the Finnish capital Helsinki, spread the announcement that a record amount of wood fuels were consumed in Finland in 2017, a positive atmosphere.

It was more than ever before and it gave even the PulPaper- event a forward-looking frame. Wood fuels were the most important energy source in Finland and accounted for 27 percent of total energy consumption.

According to the statistics of the Natural Resources Center, a new record was reached in the use of solid wood fuels in power plants and power plants, which was based on the increase in the incineration of sidewalks and waste products in the forest industry. Consumption of forest chips, on the other hand, decreased.

Consumption of wood fuels continues to grow. According to preliminary data from Statistics Finland, the total consumption of wood fuels exceeded for the first time a limit of 100 terawatt-hours in 2017.

"Wood fuels were also the most important energy source in Finland, accounting for 27 percent of total energy consumption," says researcher Esa Ylitalo - Lukeva.

Of the total consumption of wood fuels, solid wood fuels for thermal and power plants covered 38, black liquor burning 43, low wood use 17 and other wood fuels 2 terawatt hours.

According to Luken's statistics, solid wood fuels were used in heat and power plants in 2017 to nearly 20 million solid cubic meters or 38 TWh. The number is the largest in the statistics so far and has grown by two percent over the previous year. According to Pohjola, the growth in the use of wood fuels was based on the increase in the incineration of by-product and waste wood from the forest industry. 

Due to the good cycle in the forest industry, more wood is used, which also means that side products are more widely available.