Mondi paper machine beats world record

The world’s fastest running paper machine with a single shoe press, PM18, achieved a new speed record on August 9th 2011, producing 1620 metres of paper/minute.

Since the start-up of PM18 eight years ago, the operations team at Mondi SCP in Ružomberok, Slovakia have reached two world records for speed. Mondi SCP set the first world record for PM18 in 2009 and surpassed it by 20 meters/minute on August 9th, 2011 with a new speed record of 1620m/min.

PM18 is the largest paper machine at Mondi SCP mill, producing over 10 million A4 sheets every hour. The mill’s managing director, Roman Senecky, commented on his team’s success and hard work stating, "Today’s record is tomorrow’s production target. Our team deserves a big thank you for their latest achievement. From wood processing to pulp production, cutting and proper logistics of the paper – the end success is being able to satisfy our customers."

The mill’s smallest and oldest machine, PM16, has also maintained its top performing position as a Metso benchmark leader on lowest percentage in break time, shut-down time and broke among uncoated fine paper machines. PM16’s ranking in 2010 marks the paper machine’s fourth consecutive standing as Metso Benchmark top performer in these categories.

In response to the successes of PM 16, Mondi SCP paper division director Franz Aigner comments, "It is not all about technology. This is proven by the fact that same machines reach various outputs. What makes a major difference is having skilled people on board."