SCA achieves speed record

At the beginning of February 2010 one of SCA’s two paper machines at the tissue factory in Neuss, Germany achieved a new speed world record of 2,200 metres paper per minute.

The factory has two paper machines amongst them the PM2, originally built in 1972. The machine was running 2,200 metre per minute for more than 24 hours with a machine efficiency of more than 96 percent. All quality parameters fulfilled the high standards of the Tempo handkerchief specification.

"We were able to develop this machine from a maximum speed of 2,100 meter per minute to 2,200 m/min in less than two years. We had a good base when starting, but we focused especially on the close collaboration between process and maintenance experts over the last 12 months", says Jan Wohlbold, Factory manager at SCA in Neuss.

Today PM2 from Neuss is the fastest paper machine in the world and with 38 years by far the oldest machine running in this speed range.