Pasaban upgrades a high production Duplex sheeter for an important mill in Europe

Photo: Pasaban

The upgrade was completed in less than 10 days, significantly increasing the sheeter production. The recently carried out upgrade has been a big challenge for us as it involved a duplex sheeter KSD model. With a width of 4100 mm, the machine is one of the highest production models manufactured so far by Pasaban.

I a press release, Pasaban says:

”We had to act quickly as the machine’s downtime was not to exceed 10 days. The paper sheeting machine, manufactured in the early 2000’s, was presenting some obsolete drives and controls, with their corresponding associated issues; the increase in maintenance frequency, stock of spare parts, etc.

Our customer asked us for a viable solution which would minimize the machine’s downtime. The solution involved the entire renovation of the actuators and controls of the Simplex and Duplex cuts and the replacement of most of the digital regulators with new, state-of-the-art, equipment. 

This reform was carried out in a timescale which was considerably less than requested and thus, it left open the possibility for future reforms, guaranteeing its future maintenance.      

The lifespan of our machines matters a lot to us. That’s why, at Pasaban, we have an Upgrades service available for our customers so that the performance of our industrial machinery can be updated and improved. ”