Pasaban develops new paper sheeter machine for Daio

Photo: Pasaban

The KB-2200 paper sheeter is one of the latest projects that Pasaban has carried out for the Japanese market, specifically for the Daio Paper Corporation, one of the country’s biggest paper manufacturers.  

One of the features that make this KB cutting machine special is the option to process 10 reels simultaneously while meeting the most rigorous format and quality requirements on the market. It is equipped with 5 double unwinders that enable the customer to operate with reels of 85 g/m2 (850 g/m2 under the blade). Before now the observed setups operate with a maximum load of 600 g/m2, which means that this project could be considered as an exceptionally demanding one.  

This option to operate with so many reels at the same time at a maximum speed of 400 m/min enables the customer to achieve very high productivity with the majority of standard and special papers with which it operates: coated, ultra-light coated, uncoated, kraft paper and other varieties such as Yankee paper and woody paper. It supports weights from 52.3 to 209.3 g/m2.  

Due to its dimensions and the variety of paper grades with which it is required to operate, it is also highly automated.   The manufacture of a sheeter with such special features is another example of Pasaban’s capacity to carry out highly customised projects using cutting-edge technology and always ensuring excellent finished product quality at a competitive price.