ITC Limited to upgrade one of its sheeting machines in India

Photo: Pasaban

ITC Limited in India chooses Spain's Pasaban to upgrade 1992 KDD 1900 paper and paperboard sheeting machine. Because of it being a highly automated sheeter and of a certain age, it presented various problems such as obsolete drives and controls, frequent stops for maintenance work, poor performance and an unsatisfactory final product.

In pursuit of the most appropriate solution and with the aim of improving performance and solving these inefficiencies, Pasaban provided ITC with the upgrades service. After a thorough analysis of the possibilities for updating the machine, a solution was proposed and it was completed in just three weeks.

During the first two weeks, technicians completed the relevant mechanical and electrical work, replacing the damaged electrical parts of the original installation. They also installed new motors, photocells, detectors and other auxiliary elements.


The Pasaban drives software system was also included, for verifying the new digital regulators and for using the online service through the TeamViewer software and an Internet connection supplied by the customer.


Once these works were finished, the technical team continued with the set up of the machine, carrying out the relevant tests until the machine was in optimal operating condition.


Pasaban is a family-owned company with 120 workers based in Tolosa, Spain. The company designs and manufactures high-tech machinery for the paper and cardboard converting industry, as well as for other special materials.