RunEco EP Turbo Blower up and running at Ankutsan Adana paper mill

Photo: Ankutsan

RunEco EP Turbo Blower has been installed to cut down vacuum system energy consumption at Ankutsan Adana mill, Turkey.


An EP600-50-HF1 Turbo Blower has been started up at Ankutsan Adana mill. The delivery included also an ABB frequency converter, an EcoDrop water separator and an EcoFlow Multi with six measurement points. This Turbo Blower replaced the existing liquid ring pumps on the machine, resulting in significant drop in specific energy consumption (SEC). After the successful commissioning and start-up, the SEC dropped by over 55%. By measuring the water flow online accurately with EcoFlow enables vacuum level optimization.


Fatih Soylu, Electrical and Automation Manager at Ankutsan Adana summarizes the project; “We want to reduce our energy consumption and costs to be more competitive in the global market. We know that one of the high energy consumers is the vacuum system. When we were researching the new technologies in vacuum systems for saving energy, we saw that Runtech Turbo Blower technology saves more energy. Then we started to research the references of Runtech Turbo Blowers in Turkey’s market. And we got good feedback from these references. At the end, we chose Runtech for the new vacuum investment. Our expectations and targets are saving 50 – 55% electrical energy consumption, also decreasing steam consumption (coal consumption at boiler) and increasing paper web quality.”


“We have had very good cooperation with Runtech in all stages of the project. Runtech sent our Turbo before contract schedule. We started erection works at the beginning of August and commissiong in the middle of August. Approximately in 5 days, we commissioned the Turbo Blower and made the fine tunings. For the last 2 weeks, we worked with Turbo Blower and saw the decrease of electrical energy consumption approx. 50 - 55% and also a decrease in steam consumption. It means Turbo Blower achieves our targets,” Soylu says.


EP600 Turbo vacuum blower is a two-stage speed-controlled blower designed for large paper machines and both greenfield and retrofit installations. The closed 3D impeller design gives top efficiency together with good controllability. The EP Turbo unit includes an integrated high-speed drive, which eliminates the need for a gearbox or coupling.


The compact design of the Turbo Blower makes retrofit installations easy. All the installations at Ankutsan were done during normal paper machine operation and no production shutdown was required in switching to Turbo Blower.  


Source: Gardnerdenver