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Membership 2023


-Priority News Publication: -

As being a member on the site we would be more than happy while you are there to publish some news along with a photo to go with the story at a time when you have something that would be of interest for our readers (23,000-27,000 unique visitors a month). The news story may have to be edited so that its fit for publication in our newsfeed. We will do this on the site and make it a priority news story putting it on the next newsletter (just gone over 49,941 subscribers now out every Monday’s Wednesday’s and Friday’s for PulpaperNews) and if our editor wants, I’ll get it in to the next Nordisk Papper & Massa magazine in our news section.


-Digital Business Card: - (The changes are now completed on the site as of last month)

We will be making dramatic changes on the digital business card section in order to give more visibility, exposure and finally stats which we have been unable to give before. In its place we are building a presence on the middle section of the main page on PulpaperNews, we started 05/05/2022 though it is far from finished yet it can be seen live now.


-Recruitment Adverting: -

We have a section on the site for this and its completely free for members to post vacancies there to our unique audience and readership.


-Priority space: -

When we have a major position become available to advertise on Members will have priority over new customers and shall be notified.


Time span: 1 year

Cost: 1200euro



 Further information available on request!


Tel : (+46) 8 506 244 54