ProJet BV


ProJet BV is a worldwide operating company known for its:

o   High Pressure showers for Forming Fabrics, Press Felts and Dryer Fabrics (150-500bar / 2,000-7,500psi);

o   Tail Cutters and Trim Squirts for both Wet End and Dry End, using High Pressure Water or Radial Saw;

o   Roll Cleaners: coater backing roll, pick up rolls, felt rolls;

o   Edge Trim: Dry End Edge Trim systems, using Ultra High Pressure (4,000bar / 60,000psi);

o   Water Treatment Systems.  

ProJet has a mission of providing exceptional service to clients worldwide.


ProJet is dedicated to delivering the following services:

•         Stocking: ProJet parts inventory, for all ProJet equipment.

•         Technical Support: local availability of Service Engineers, Replacement parts, Technical Service, Repair Service, ProJet equipment Assembly, Client Order Coordination and Shipping Services.

•         Engineering & Fabricating: Power Cleaner and HP or MP Water Pump Modules, designed to consume about 90% less electrical power and water, when compared to conventional showers.

•         Delivering: Power Cleaner systems with high-efficiency cleaning solutions for fabrics, belts, felts, and wires in a wide variety of manufacturing processes to include Paper, Pulp, Nonwovens, Food, Fiberglass, MDF & OSB board, Gypsum Board and more!

•         Designing & Installing: ProJet Water Services high-efficiency water conditioning, reclaim and recycling systems, designed to close the loop on wastewater flowing to a mill water treatment system or sewer.

•         Responding: by offering ProJet Technical Services worldwide with a FAST RESPONSE TEAM for assisting client maintenance crews with answers for ProJet equipment technical questions or by travelling to client mill locations to provide Technical Field Service.