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DISAB is a leading manufacturing company for mobile, semi-mobile, and stationary vacuum system solutions for the industrial industry. Since 1976, DISAB have been able to provide our customers with excellent products and services. Our formula for success is to combine the knowledge and experience of our employees with reliable and innovative technology.

DISAB have one clear mission: to provide dust-free industrial environments.

Today DISAB is a global organization who is genuinely customer focused, offering cost efficient solutions for industries whose processes involve handling wet or dry materials, having to deal with spillages, dust build-up, waste management and/or material recycling. We wish to maintain our position as the leading and most trusted manufacturer of vacuum system solutions.

DISAB-TELLA AB are the part of DISAB group that are focused on the products for industrial solutions, such as semi-mobile, and stationary vacuum system solutions for the industrial industry. Our office and production are situated in Vallentuna, north of Stockholm. As a total we now have delivered more than 4 500 vacuum systems worldwide and you find our customers in e.g. cement & concrete, steel & foundry, bulk & mineral, energy, pulp & paper, building industries.

DISAB’s different vacuum system solutions are an excellent choice when it comes to removing dust & dirt and to recycling spillages back into production. However, vacuum technology is a great choice for so many more applications. Our different vacuum system solutions are designed for industrial wet and slurry applications as well. We continue to see new requests and demands for efficiently cleaning large areas and surfaces.

Please contact us to discuss your business and find out more about the possibilities in vacuum technology concerning efficiency, safety and profitability in your production.

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