Koehler Paper welcomes launch of EU Anti-Dumping investigation into imports from China

Koehler Paper together with other European decor paper producers has welcomed the European Commission's decision to launch an anti-dumping investigation into the imports of decor paper originating from China.

Joint action against flooding of European market with unfairly priced decor paper

The investigation, initiated on June 14, 2024, is a response to a complaint jointly lodged by Koehler Paper and three other major European decor paper producers. We firmly believe that this investigation is a pivotal step towards preventing further material harm to the European decor paper industry and ensuring fair and healthy competition in the European market.

Our complaint highlighted the detrimental impact of distortions in the Chinese economy, which enable Chinese manufacturers to flood the EU market with unfairly priced decor paper, causing significant damage to the EU industry. We have underlined the urgent necessity of anti-dumping duties to restore a level playing field for all industry players.

Decor paper plays a crucial role for affordable consumer goods

Decor paper is a type of specialty paper used to create quality finishes on wood materials. Whether used for laminate flooring, stylish kitchen worktops, attractive furniture and kitchen fronts, or weather resistant outdoor applications, Koehler Paper provides the perfect base for high-quality end products. Especially for the decorative coating of wood-based materials, these special papers are impregnated and pressed with thermosetting resins either in printed form or uni-colored. Decor paper plays a crucial role in the production of affordable and sustainable consumer goods with a long lifespan often more than 20 years. The European decor paper industry represents an estimated production of 390,000 tons per annum, with manufacturers in seven Member States. Moreover, the industry provides thousands of jobs across Europe, including offering local employment for manual workers in rural areas. Kai Furler, CEO of the Koehler Group states: “Our top priority is to ensure fair competitive conditions and to prevent the EU market to be flooded with unfairly priced decor paper.“

Koehler Paper stands in support of targeted trade defence action, aimed at protecting the interests of European industries, while also ensuring supply stability and maintaining competitiveness among downstream users to the benefit of consumers. We will continue to collaborate closely with the European Commission and believe that this investigation will serve as an essential means to ensure a fair and competitive trade environment for the decor paper industry in Europe.