Drewsen Spezialpapiere invests €1.9 million in film press for PM1

Photo: Drewsen Spezialpapiere

Paper Machine 1 (PM1), which specialises in the production of security papers, has been operating with a new film press since February. The €1.9 million investment replaced the existing size press. The planning and realisation of this project took 12 months in total.

The new film press enables a more precise surface-treatment application, and therefore delivers significant improvements to many important paper characteristics. In addition to improving the quality of speciality papers, these improvements also make it possible to develop and produce even more sophisticated paper grades.

Dirk Hanke, Production Manager of PM 1, sees the investment as a future-oriented signal to the market regarding the manufacture of security papers: "With our teams’ many years of experience, and with the aid of new technologies, we aim to further expand our market share and continue to be one of the best manufacturers of security papers in the world well into the future."

In addition, the new film press contributes to increasing energy efficiency and saves the equivalent thermal energy demand of approximately 400 single-family houses every year. Drewsen Spezialpapiere is thus consistently pursuing its course towards CO2-neutral paper production. As part of the multi-stage transformation plan, with which 80% of the target is to be realised by 2030, the focus remains on increasing energy efficiency and expanding the use of renewable energies.