Belarusian paper mill invests in increasing production capacities


Project to expand manufacturing activities Belarusian paper mill Dobrush is adding a number of new products to its portfolio. 

Work on developing a new type of cardboard started in 2023, state-run broadcaster Belarus 24 reported. 

Since then, Dobrush has been ramping up its production capacities to make its new product more available. As a result, the paper mill’s current manufacturing volume of this new type of cardboard stand at about 300 tonnes per month. The mill in Dobrush is in the process of securing new machinery. 

Dobrush is located in the country’s south-eastern part. In addition to the Belarusian market, the paper mill also exports its products to various unnamed countries, according to data from the business. Dobrush says it offers a product portfolio of more than 100 types of goods to the paper mill’s customers.