The challenge of sustainability – Digitisation as a way out

Becoming more sustainable brings a long plenty of opportunities and yet manufacturing companies are swamped by the multitude of regulations, legal requirements and investor guidelines. Whether it is for the resource consumption, the production processes or sourcing and the transparency of the supply chain – the documentation duties are demanding.

In our webinar on 15 January 2024, we would like to raise awareness not only about the challenges that are inevitable, but rather about how to overcome them and avoid struggles. Digitisation, when done correctly, can be a smart and effective way to cope with all the pressure. We will show you not only how to fulfill the requirements, but even explore the wide array of opportunities that data can give you, when modernizing your production in the sake of sustainability.

Join us when we shed light on the dark and get first-hand insights on how this can be done, using specific examples from the field of production. We will outline the path to intelligently digitised processes for manufacturing companies, which is the ideal basis not only for fulfilling reporting obligations, but also for achieving concrete improvements.

Date: Monday, 15 January 2024, 04:00 – 04:30 pm (CET)

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