PulPac launches the world's first injection molding machine for fiber-based products

Photo: PulPac

PulPac makes good on its promise to make Dry Molded Fiber more accessible to people worldwide. With the launch of a new machine platform, the PulPac Scala, the company takes a significant step in the Dry Molded Fiber revolution. The Scala platform is based on injection molding, a technology associated with plastic conversion, combined with PulPac’s new and unique Mill-to-Web fiber unit. The first Scala machines are sold by launch partner Huarong Group and equipped for producing fiber-based lids.

Dry Molded Fiber is a game-changing fiber-forming technology invented and licensed by Swedish packaging tech company PulPac to replace single-use plastic on a global scale. The technology makes it possible to produce sustainable packaging that's resource-, energy-, and cost-efficient. Together with turnkey partner Huarong Group from Taiwan, PulPac is now launching a compact and scalable Dry Molded Fiber machine platform.

PulPac's Chief Commercial Officer, Sanna Fager, has talked to many packaging producers about Dry Molded Fiber, its benefits, and future possibilities. "When we launched Dry Molded Fiber a few years ago, we did it with a great machine platform. The PulPac Modula is still the best fit for producers with high volumes and a need for modularity. But one size doesn't fit all, and we saw an opportunity to make Dry Molded Fiber approachable to even more packaging producers.”

About 100,000 injection molding machines are produced yearly, and most of them make single-use plastic – that needs to be replaced with sustainable alternatives. The PulPac Scala offers all the benefits of Dry Molded Fiber, fits in a 40-foot container, and comes at a significantly lower investment than the PulPac Modula.

Sanna Fager again: "Its name is, of course, a play on words. Due to its low investment threshold, any producer who wants to gain market leverage in this new, exciting, and fast-growing market can start small and then scale up."

Viktor Börjesson, PulPac's Chief Partnerships Officer, describes partnership gains and the power of collaboration. "As the inventors of Dry Molded Fiber, our knowledge about the technology is unrivaled. Huarong brings 40 years of experience in building machines for the plastic industry. We merged our cutting-edge tech to Huarong’s existing and functioning clamping unit, and the result is a compact, hassle-free, plug-and-play machine for Dry Molded Fiber manufacturing."