Holmen Paper initiates the second stage in online system upgrade on PM11 in Hallsta paper mill

Photo: SPM Instrument

Holmen Paper, a distinguished name in paper manufacturing celebrated for its unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability, continues to lead the industry by embracing state-of-the-art technology to enhance its operational excellence. The recent upgrade to the Intellinova Parallel EN stands as a testament to their commitment to staying at the forefront.

Following the successful implementation of the initial phase of upgrades in 2022, which primarily focused on measuring equipment for the wire and press sections, Holmen Paper's preventive maintenance department at the Hallsta paper mill has already reaped the rewards of adopting Intellinova Parallel EN. This advanced system equips Holmen Paper with SPM's patented measurement technologies, including HD ENV and SPM HD, collectively known as HD Technologies. These cutting-edge methods deliver exceptional early warning capabilities, empowering strategic maintenance planning and timely repairs. The ultimate result is the extension of asset lifespan, reduced repair expenditures, and minimized operational downtime.

The previous achievement has provided a solid foundation for the second phase of upgrades, featuring the installation of 104 angled accelerometers of the SLD144S model. These accelerometers will furnish the Intellinova Parallel EN with vital measurement data for in-depth analysis using the Condmaster Ruby software.

Joel Bergström, Maintenance Manager at Holmen Paper's Hallsta mill, underscores the significance of this investment, stating, "This investment is a part of our strategy and commitment to keep moving forward and implement the benefits of new technology. It enables us to take the next steps towards a smarter, more plannable, and more efficient maintenance approach."

Holmen Paper's unwavering commitment to maintaining a leading position in the industry is evident in its investment in condition monitoring. By harnessing the capabilities of cutting-edge condition-monitoring technology, the company ensures optimal performance, thereby solidifying its reputation as a resource-efficient and environmentally conscious paper mill.