New Mondi kraft paper machine from Bellmer

Photo: Bellmer

Mondi, a leading global packaging and paper company, has ordered a new paper machine from Bellmer for its flagship Štětí mill in the Czech Republic. The investment will help Mondi meet the growing demand for paper-based flexible packaging, underpinned by growth in eCommerce and sustainable packaging. It will also contribute to expanding Mondi’s portfolio of innovative, sustainable packaging and paper solutions.

The new machine will produce sack kraft paper. It will thus support Mondi’s Paper Bags business thanks to the advantages of a vertically integrated value chain. It will also enable Mondi to optimize its production across the remaining kraft paper portfolio and therefore strengthen its leading position in specialty kraft papers for a wide range of applications such as functional barrier papers.

Bellmer already partnered with Mondi on the successful start-up of the rebuilt paper machine in Steti in 2021, and has now again been selected as a supplier. With the Bellmer TurboLine, all line components can be supplied from a single source. An energy-efficient approach flow system will ensure optimum fiber treatment of the stock.

The Bellmer scope of supply also includes comprehensive automation solutions including DCS. Project coordination will be carried out in close cooperation between the Bellmer paper specialists and the Mondi Steti project team.

Commissioning of the new paper machine is planned for 2025.