ABB and Södra have entered a long-term, strategic partnership

Photo: ABB

ABB and Södra have entered a long-term, strategic partnership to co-develop a roadmap to drive new levels of efficiency, engagement and digitalization across Södra’s enterprise to ultimately define the next generation mill.

Together, Södra and ABB will lead the way in successful digital transformation with the aim of creating a new benchmark for both the forest and pulp industry, and the broader industry, globally.

The contract, effective from September 2021, is designed as a continuous engagement model, with ongoing reviews of short and long-term goals to ensure the digitalization of Södra’s operations. Södra’s intent is to build its digital capabilities and increase efficiency, sustainability and circular resource utilization throughout the value chain.

“ABB’s collaborative approach, global technology leadership and digital expertise was key to our decision to choose them as our partner,” said Magnus Björkman, President of Södra Cell Business Area. “Their foresight of what we want to achieve through this digitalization project will bring new levels of efficiency in our operations and create an even more desirable workplace of continuous learning for this and the next generation of workers.”

The scope will be jointly defined using the full industrial digitalization technology stack based on the foundation of ABB’s Ability™ portfolio, including:

• ABB’s 800xA Distributed Control System (DCS), an integration platform with unparalleled connectivity to enterprise and plant systems providing a collaborative environment where real-time decision making is a reality;

• ABB’s Pulp and Paper digital solutions which supply advanced software applications that enable modern mills to maximize visibility, reliability, productivity and energy efficiency;

• ABB Ability™ Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite, a platform with the ability to collate and contextualize data from diverse sources.

“Digitalization is an invaluable enabler for the growth and advancement of our industry, and we are committed to the transformation of traditional mills into the optimal mill of the future,” said Björn Jonsson, Hub Manager, Process Industries at ABB. “Our vision is for operators and the industry to benefit from fully-automated, optimized and connected mill settings, with digital solutions and real-time insights allowing them to reach the highest quality standards. This collaboration with Södra is a perfect example of how our digital portfolio, coupled with our proven track record of industry collaboration and support, can help mills reach new heights of efficiency.”