RDM Group finalizes the sale of French subsidiary R.D.M La Rochette

Photo: RDM Group

RDM Group finalized, through its subsidiary RDM Blendecques S.A.S., the agreement for the sale of a 100% interest in its subsidiary R.D.M. La Rochette S.A.S., a company under French law, to Rochette Holding S.A.S., 100% owned by Mutares SE & Co. KgaA.


Under the contract, the price will be subject to adjustments based on the level of NFP and working capital as at the effective date, i.e., April 30, 2021.


La Rochette operates in the segment of cartonboard for folding boxboard based on virgin fibers (FBB). With its manufacturing plant in La Rochette, France, 140 km from Lyons, the company has a theoretical capacity of 165,000 tons of virgin-fiber FBB. The plant operates with two paper machines and can produce a wide range of products of different grammages.


RDM Group is the leading Italian and second-ranked European producer of cartonboard made of recycled fibers material operating also in the manufacturing of virgin cartonboard.


Source: Lesprom Network