Toscotec-supplied hoods achieve top performance at WEPA Mainz

In front of PM 1 at Wepa Mainz mill (from left to right): Per Thorneman, technical manager and project manager at WEPA Mainz, Rene Martin, production manager PM 1 at WEPA Mainz, and Andrea Rossi, steam & hoods senior start-up & service engineer at Toscotec.

Toscotec successfully completed a hood rebuild on PM 1 at WEPA Mainz in Germany. After a tight shutdown timeframe, PM 1 started up on schedule last year. Following a period of stable running conditions, it successfully completed the performance test, and outperformed the technical guarantees of the rebuild by having excellent results for drying capacity and gas consumption.

The rebuild was a turnkey operation, including gas-fired TT Hood, an air system fitted with low-emission burners, several stages of energy recovery, and the complete electrification system for the scope. Toscotec’s high efficiency TT Hoods deliver an even distribution of air on the paper sheet, ensuring a perfectly uniform moisture profile in cross direction.

WEPA also ordered a complete service package including dismantling operations, erection, commissioning, and start-up assistance.

Since 2006, Toscotec supplied seven hood rebuilds to WEPA at five different mills in Germany and Italy. The successful outcome of these projects has been consistently a reduction of gas and power consumption higher than the contract guarantees and a significant increase in the run-ability of the machine, both in terms of overall efficiency and cross direction moisture profile.

Per Thorneman, technical manager and project manager at WEPA Mainz says: “The preparation, the processing, the commissioning and the follow-up were always cooperative and professional. Even if the time frame for the shutdown of the plant was very challenging and could only be kept in two shifts over 24 hours.”

Rene Martin production manager PM 1 at WEPA Mainz, says: “The new hoods and the new air system work efficiently and deliver good results in terms of the uniformity of the profile as well as the gas and electricity consumption. We have significantly reduced our operating costs.”


Elena Troia, Toscotec Energy sales manager, says, “From a technical point of view, this rebuild was very interesting for the size of TT Hoods – for an 18 foot Yankee, double width – and for its turnkey scope. Toscotec evaluated the running conditions of the existing equipment and developed a tailor-made solution to improve PM 1’s performance and energy consumptions. WEPA set a very tight shutdown period, but we met their targets and we are happy to see that the new TT Hoods have been running efficiently since start-up.”