Segezha Groups launches new scarfing line launched in Sokol

Photo: Segezha Group

A new scarfing line designed by Austrian-Slovenian Company Ledinek Engineering has become operational at Sokol Wood Plant of Segezha Group (part of PJSC Sistema) in the Vologda region, Russia.

The line capacity is 25 m3 of laminated products per hour. As a result, the output of laminated products at Sokol WP will increase by 20%, up to 100 thousand cubic meters per annum. New equipment will also improve production efficiency and decrease raw material intake.

“Not only will the new line allow the output of products well-known on the Russian and European construction markets, including those dealing with houses built of laminated veneer lumber and glued laminated beams, to be increased, but also the range of output products to be broadened,” - noted Konstantin Pastukhov, General Director of JSC Sokol WP. It is expected that new poles and laminated beams will be in great demand particularly on the Japanese market, and extra strong laminated beams in Scandinavian countries.

One particular thing about this new line was that installation and commissioning were conducted online. At the end of this June, team members of both partners collaborated through videoconference to complete all actions necessary for the successful start-up of the equipment  This is the first time in the history of Segezha Group and Ledinek Engineering, when both sides cooperated in such a manner.

The international team now faces another ambitious task, which is to master equipment operation and reach full production capacity by this fall.