Kemira – the expanding specialty chemicals company

Photo: Simon Matthis

Kemira – the Finnish specialty chemicals company has its booth just at the entrance of the expo, impossible to miss. It’s also one of the largest booths at the expo, as if it were reflecting  the latest development of the company.

Kemira recently completed the acquisition of AkzoNobel’s paper chemicals business. Six of Akzo Nobel’s paper chemicals manufacturing plants and approximately 350 employees will be transferred to Kemira, as as result of the acquisition. The integration of the businesses is underway and will be completed within two years, Mats Rönnbäck, CEO of Kemira, told IPW Aktuell, Zellchemic trade fair magazine.

In the interview Mats Rönnbäck tells that the reason for the acquisition is that paper chemicals are a strategic area for Kemira, where the company is seeking both organic and inorganic growth.