New Voith rotor for pulping recovered paper

Image courtesy: Voith

Voith has developed a new rotor, the IntensaRotor R, for pulpers used to process recovered paper. It has been operating successfully for months with industrial customers and has proven that its energy consumption is as much as 20 percent below the usual values. The IntensaRotor R is suitable for installation in existing Voith pulpers as well as in pulpers from other manufacturers.

During operation at both a Turkish paper mill, and at a paper manufacturer in China, the IntensaRotor R has proven that it has lower specific energy consumption at a higher throughput than its predecessors. In the first case, the daily output was increased from 260 metric tons to 300 tons, with an energy saving of eight percent per ton. In the second industrial example, the amount of stock after installation of the IntensaRotor R was increased from 510 metric tons to 630 tons per day, while energy consumption per ton dropped by 12 percent.

Both the better energy balance and the higher output are due to the new rotor design, according to Voith. The IntensaRotor R is especially suitable for pulpers of secondary fiber applications in low-consistency area and is delivered in various sizes.