Voith presents SkyCal doctor blades

Photo: Voith

With SkyCal doctor blades, hard carbon and a specially-developed epoxy resin ensure consistently high, gentle cleaning of roll covers.

Broke and even production stoppages are thus reduced. Since manual cleaning of the cover is generally not required, machine availability is increased. SkyCal was developed with a special design and tailored to Voith calendar covers. This allows new possibilities in the setting of the doctor blade holders and achieves significantly higher doctor contact pressures, for example. Compared with conventional steel blades, cleaning is boosted to a previously unknown level. SkyCal therefore prevents deposits which are generated during paper production and protects the covers from damage.

This has a positive effect on paper quality and also avoids the risk of production stoppages. SkyCal is part of the Voith AdvancedPRODUCTS portfolio and can be used on all Voith calendar covers. The blades are constructed in such a way that they continuously renew themselves and retain their characteristics. This guarantees a consistently high cleaning performance throughout the entire service life. Furthermore, SkyCal blades can be used in any other paper machine, regardless of manufacturer. Voith is the only supplier that manufactures these types of blades completely on their own.

The application engineers and materials researchers at Voith can therefore tailor the blades to   individual needs of the customers without any trouble. This ensures optimal interaction between roll, roll cover and blade. The innovative composite doctor SkyCal expands Voith's revamped SkyLine range. This range offers paper manufacturers a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning, creping and coating blades for all areas of use. With their excellent performance and long service life, SkyLine blades have already achieved outstanding results in numerous applications. Particularly in challenging positions, they make paper production more efficient and help the manufacturer to reduce costs.