KSB displays new pumps

KSB Sales Manager Anssi Koskinen demonstrates here new generation of pumps. Photo: Markku Björkman

KSB displayed new generation of Movitec pumps at the Helsinki event.

–These pumps have been designed to offer a substantial improvement in energy efficiency. An optimized hydraulic system, the standard use of IE2 motors and the PumpDrive variable speed system contribute to the energy-efficient operation of this pump, explains sales manager Anssi Koskinen at this year’s show.

According to Koskinen, this high-pressure in-line pump already fulfils the minimum efficiency requirements of the European ErP regulation for 2015.

It thus plays an significant role in saving energy at component level. Furthermore, with the comprehensive energy efficiency concept FluidFuture KSB optimizes the entire hydraulic system.

New Movitec generation have according to manufacturer a significantly higher level of efficiency at best efficiency point and broader efficiency curves. They have markedly lower NPSH values for dependable pump operation and a higher level of operating reliability.

PumpDrive has variable speed system and thus the flow rate and head of the pumps - are accurate adjusted to match current demand. Particularly recommended for fluctuating flow requirements and varying intake pressure