PulPaper: The forest is better off with eco-friendly marking colors

- We provide our customers significant cost benefits thanks to our high-quality products that guarantee trouble-free use in demanding conditions, said Kontkanen at the fair. Photo: Markku Björkman
Marked trees in Forest. Photo: EnVion
Labeling of paper rolls also requires robust and precise technology. Photo: Markku Björkman

EnviOn, who exhibited this year's PulPaper, has according to Product Manager Heikki Kontkanen, manufactured brand colors over 10 years. Kontkanen says that the colors are very popular with forest industrials in Sweden and Finland.

- For us at EnviOn, satisfied customers and high product quality have the highest priority. Over ten years of product development, we have achieved brand color which those leading forestry manufacturers recommend and use in their machines, emphasizes Heikki Kontkanen.

EnviOn is a Finnish technochemical company that manufactures marking paints for wood marking with forestry machinery.

One of EnviOns most important values is environmental friendliness, says Kontkanen. This is achieved with properly selected packaging, by avoiding hazardous waste and by reducing the number of chemicals and using appropriate substances for each individual requirement.

Selected trees are also easily distinguished in rain and in the dark, so the forestry does not need to make unnecessary movements and changes, which hinders the efficiency of work.

Marking paints cold resistance goes down to -30 ° C, Kontkanen told. The color contains glycol, which lubricates the seals, hoses, and tanks effectively, making it readily biodegradable and dangerous only when ingested.

Source: EnVion