Circular economy is practiced in Ostrobothnia when Pulpaper opens

PulPaper 2018 opened its gates on 29th of May. Photo: Markku Björkman
ABB is showcasing their comprehensive offering for the pulp and paper industry. Directing the focus on ABB Ability™ and how digitalization can improve the performance of company processes and contribute to the smarter mill of the future. Photo: Markku Björkman
VTT and FPInnovations are organizing a great one-day seminar on the possibilities of 3D printing of biomaterials in the forest industry. Presentations open up views to the innovations in the field of 3D printing and provide an opportunity for networking. Photo: Markku Björkman

In Ostrobothnia, in Finland, a concrete project on the circular economy is underway. In the town of Korsholm, you want to benefit from the by-products from the nearby Stormossen recycling center and Westenergy's waste incineration plant, the magazine Hufvudstadsbladet, HBL, as well as the big PulPaper exhibition in Helsinki (29/5), with countless conferences, including the Circular Economy.

"Circular economy is about design, planning and production of products so that no waste is generated," explains project manager Göran Östberg from Vasek, Vasaregion's business development, and development company, for HBL.

Nearly eight kilometers from the village Fågelberget is the Stormossen recycling center and Westenergy waste incineration plant.

"The idea is that you can also find synergies with Stormossen and Westenergy, which handle a lot of material that we can do better things," says Östberg to HBL.

Östberg mentions plastic and how to reuse it as a product that is very relevant.

"We also look a lot at the material flows on the site, such as waste heat, water, soil and carbon dioxide coming from Stormossen," explains Östber for HBL.

New industrial sites

As part of the project, the municipality of Korsholm has expanded its industrial area at Fågelberget with ten new plots reserved for companies that will establish themselves in circular economics.

"We will eventually start a project where we will see if you can grow fish fry on Fågelberget and use heat and water from Stormossen.

The realization of the Circular Economy project in Korsholm is not far away and Östberg believes that the first companies will establish themselves after the summer.

Östberg says to HBL that the interest in companies to start reuse is high and the first company that recovers pallets has already started.

Korsholm is first out, and according to Östberg, the other Ostrobothnia municipalities will follow.

The circular economy in Korsholm is financed by the EU, the municipality of Korsholm and Vasek. The project is going on until August 2019 and Östberg has been working on the project since August last year.