Inflor agricultural solution improves CTC information sharing

Photo: Inflor

The GISagri app has been contributing to facilitate access to information generated by the Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira  

The Sugarcan Technology Center CTC is the most prominent sugarcane genetic improvement research center in the world exploring the domain of developing varieties adapted to different climates, soil types and pest and disease resistance aiming at increasing plantation productivity.

With GISagri − INFLOR’s geographical intelligence system − users dispersed across many different locations can now have seamless access to information generated by CTC, through its solution named CTCSat, and streamline their management and decision-making processes.

The app enables access to analysis, information and satellite images allowing to assess plantation growth, biomass, pest and disease control and recommended courses of action in addition to various additional data that contribute to facilitate plantation management.


Igor Reuter, INFLOR’s Business Manager responsible for the service at CTC, affirms that  GISagri helps to speed up the access to information between the office and field workers. “In the past this was done by phone or email and the information had to be delivered to each recipient. Today, you can simply use the app to access and interpret all available information in a more timely fashion”, he explains.


“This tool allows users in the field a faster access to the plantation information and to foresee possible production issues, pests and diseases and take any corrective actions more expeditiously”, explains Mauro Violante, CTC Manager of Product Development and Technical Assistance. At the end of the day, he concludes, it boils down to people being more satisfied with the services offered by CTC, a factor that contributes to loyalty.


In recent years, CTC was redesigned to become the world’s main center for the development and integration of disruptive technologies for the sugar-energy industry, capable to cost-effectively and sustainably overcome the challenge to double the innovation rate in this segment.



The Sugarcan Technology Center (CTC) was established in the city of Piracicaba, in 1969, and it has been undergoing several restructuring phases since then. During its inception Copersucar, a major cooperative in the sugar-energy sector, was its sole controlling party. As of 2004, various sugarcane companies and growers associated with CTC turning it into a non-profit civil private association. In 2011, the business adopted a new type of incorporation to become a share company (S.A., Sociedade Anônima). CTC major shareholders today include: Copersucar itself, Grupo Raízen, Odebrecht, São Martinho, Bunge, Tereos, Coruripe and Santa Terezinha.