Burgo Group replaces fuel oil with natural gas

Photo: Burgo Group

Burgo Group announced, in the integrated mill of Burgo Ardennes, the conclusion of a large project aimed at replacing fuel oil used to power the boilers of Virton paper mill in Belgium with natural gas.

The project, which costs Euro 9 million, has an important environmental value, since it will allows an improvement of the mill performance in terms of CO2 emissions.

Founded in 1963 with a cellulose production line, the plant in Virton was equipped with a paper production line in 1991 and since 1994 is part of Burgo Group.

Burgo Ardennes is now the largest mill of the Group and the most integrated: it produces approximately 400,000 tons of pulp, 380,000 tons of coated paper and 370,000 MW of green energy. The 90% of the energy is generated from the residues of pulp production.

Burgo Group is one of the European leading manufacturers of graphic and specialty papers.