Rottneros posts its interim report January – June 2016

Photo: Rottneros

Rottneros has published its interim report January – June 2016. Profit after financial items amounted to SEK 56 million (75) for the second quarter 2016 and SEK 125 million (177) for January-June.

Net turnover for the second quarter was SEK 413 million (456).

The list price for NBSK pulp over the second quarter was 7% lower in USD and 9% lower in SEK, compared to the second quarter 2015. In SEK, the price decrease was 2% compared with the first quarter 2016.

Production volumes in the second quarter rose by 4% compared with the second quarter 2015 and by 5% compared with the first quarter 2016. Production during the quarter totalled 100,000 tonnes.

Comments by the President:

”The Rottneros Group reports a good second quarter, in which the decline in operating profit compared to the same period last year may be traced to external factors, such as lower pulp prices and a slightly weaker USD. Return on capital employed, measured over a rolling 12-month period, was a strong 19.8 per cent. In a sector-wide comparison, our return on capital remains at the top end.

”Our Agenda 500 development programme continues to bear fruit, in the form of steadily rising production levels and productivity. The aggregated production volume for our two mills grew by 4 per cent during the quarter, rising to 100,000 tonnes, a record for an individual quarter and a milestone for the Group. The high production levels are the result of goal-focused work and the investments being carried out within the framework of Agenda 500, aiming at a production volume of at least 460,000 tons per year in the long term.”