Lifdek develops new corrugated skids

Lifdek Corporation, an innovator of site-assembled corrugated paper pallet technology, has developed new corrugated skids. A portion of worldwide shipping uses equipment that is not compatible with traditional pallets having a bottom deck; they use skids. The new Lifdek skids are a reliable and tough alternative using corrugated paperboard, offering a sustainable cost saving solution, according to Lifdek.

The new Lifdek skids, essentially a paper pallet version with no bottom deck, provide another low cost shipping platform. The Lifdek skids fold together from two die cut blanks without the use of glue or staples in under a minute and can support more than four tons. Lifdek skids are available in standard sizes, custom sizes, air freight versions, and fractional pallet sizes for retail POP displays. A Lifdek skid assembly machine is currently in development that will provide rapid assembly in thirty seconds with just one person.

According to Joseph Danko, President of Lifdek, “A portion of shippers use stacker type forklifts or other types of handling equipment that necessitate the use of skids, and now we have a tough new solution for companies to produce their own skids on-site from corrugated paperboard.”

Lifdek pallets were originally developed to address the needs of the largest section of the pallet market, fast moving consumables. Incoming pallet freight and pallet storage costs are reduced by nearly 90% because Lifdek pallets and skids are received and stored flat. Lifdek pallets and skids are recycled by the end receiver with other used corrugated boxes, generating recycling revenue while eliminating staging, storing and loading costs required with wood pallet retrieval. At less than eight pounds, Lifdek paper pallets and skids offer substantial air and LTL freight savings billed by weight and are a safer alternative for employees and retail customers. This one-way shipping approach also eliminates the chance of cross contamination from prior use, providing substantial safety benefits for grocery and pharmaceutical applications.

Lifdek licenses its pallet and skid technology to box manufacturers worldwide, which produce the die cut blanks for their own use as well as their local customers. Lifdek licensees have access to over a hundred pallet and skid sizes and designs, with new sizes readily available to accommodate a company's specific requirements and applications.