Russia’s Arkhbum tissue group expands its range this year

Arkhbum Tissue Group. Photo: Lesprom

Arkhbum tissue group, one of Russia’s leading tissue producers, is expanding its range by the launch of some new products in the domestic market, according to the company.


It is planned, the new products, designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, will be produced under Arkhbum’s Soffione brand


In addition, another unique know-how has been introduced into the production process at Arkhbum Tissue Group: a new method of bonding paper layers without glue, using water - the Hydro Bond technology.


As noted in the company, the environmental theme is one of the most important, and the composition and methods of its production are important for buyers of sanitary and hygienic products.


Within two years, the company plans to expand its range of hygiene products, including through the expansion of its production capacities.


At present, the company continues works on the construction of the second and third stages of the plant. The design of production buildings for two new paper machines is underway with the participation of specialists from Valmet AB.


The construction of buildings for a new converting shop, a raw paper warehouse and a cellulose warehouse is underway at the site.


The total amount of investments in the implementation of the second and third phases of "Arkhbum Tissue Group" will amount to more than 20 billion rubles.


Implementation of the project will increase the company's capacity by 2023 to 140,000 tons / year with a market perspective - up to 210,000 tons/ year.

By: Eugene Gerden