Moscow remains one of centers of paper production in Russia this year

Milea - a paper factory in Moscow region. Photo: productcenter

The city of Moscow and the Moscow region remains one of the centers of pulp and paper production in Russia, that will continue to grow in years to come, despite the pandemic and associated with this negative economic consequences, according to latest statistics from state sources and some local media reports.


In Q1 2021 the volume of paper production in the city of Moscow increased by 2.7 times, compared to the same period of last year and it is planned, the same dynamics will continue to be observed in Q2-Q3 of the current year.


According to Vladimir Yefimov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations and a state official, who is personally responsible for the development of the Moscow pulp and paper sector, in addition to paper itself, the growth was also observed in other market segments, particularly boxes, including those, which are made of cardboard.


Such growth became also due to the commissioning of many production facilities in the city of Moscow for the reporting period and the rapid recovery of the city’s economics from the pandemic and its consequences.


Analysts expect the volume of pulp and paper production in the city of Moscow will continue to grow in years to come, that will be mainly due to high investment attractiveness of the city of Moscow and those benefits and concessions, which are provided to investors by the regional authorities.


By: Eugen Gerden