Arkhangelsk PPM invested RUB 1.1 billion in environmental protection measures in 2020

Photo: Archangelsk PPM

In 2020, the Arkhangelsk PPM JSC invested RUB 1.1 billion ($15 million) in environmental protection measures based on the principles of the best available technologies (BAT). Over 10 years (2011 - 2020), the mill totally spent about RUB 15 billion ($205 million) on environmental solutions and the implementation of BAT.


With an increase in the annual volume of pulp cooking over the past five years by 14.1%, the water intake from the Northern Dvina River also decreased by 14%, with a decrease in the specific discharge of pollutants into the water by 11.7%, the total emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere air decreased by 25.6%.


During 2011 – 2020 the volume of waste disposal at the mill's waste disposal facilities decreased by 43.5%.


An important indicator of the environmental measures set performed by the Arkhangelsk PPM was a significant reduction of methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide emissions: in relation to 2016 - by 49% and 80%, respectively. According to Rosgidromet (Russian meteorological service), by the beginning of 2021, the compliance with the established maximum permission concentration values ​​for these substances in the air of Novodvinsk was achieved.


Vladimir Krupchak, a member of the Board of Directors of the Arkhangelsk PPM, Investment Director of Pulp Mill Holding, said that in order to improve the environmental friendliness of production and achieve a level of environmental impact that meets BAT for all established process indicators, an Improving Environmental Efficiency Program (IEEP) was developed and submitted for approval to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.


According to him, the implementation of IEEP measures will lead to a new environmental transformation of the Arkhangelsk PPM by 2030. As a result of the planned renovation, the mill plans to reduce the specific discharge of pollutants into the Northern Dvina River, measured in the specific integral indicators, by 45-55%.


The mill still continues to reduce emissions of sulfur-containing compounds into the atmosphere, which are of greatest concern to residents of the nearest settlements of the Arkhangelsk region. The mill plans to complete the work by 2023.


“The program includes more than 20 environmental protection measures,” said Vladimir Krupchak. “The preliminary costs for IEEP financing amounts to RUB 18.2 billion ($248 million).”


Arkhangelsk Pulp & Paper Mill is one of the leading timber and chemical companies in Russia and Eastern Europe. The company manufactures cardboard, pulp, paper, and notebooks.

Source: Lesprom Network