Uzbekistan aims to become one of world’s leading producers of cotton pulp in years to come

Photo: Timur Karpov AP

The government of Uzbekistan, a former Soviet state in Central Asia, plans to create conditions for the establishment of large-scale productions of cotton pulp within the territory of the country in years to come, according to recent statements, made by an official spokesman of Uzbek government and some local media reports.


At present Uzbekistan remains one of the world’s largest cotton producers, and, as part of the plans of the country’s government, is using at least part of these materials in the production of pulp.


It is planned, attention will be paid for the attraction of both domestic and foreign investors.


In recent years, there have already been several attempts to establish such productions within the territory of the country, with at least one project being successfully implemented. 


At  the beginning of 2010s Global Komsco Daewoo, a South Korean cotton pulp producer in Uzbekistan (owned by the state-owned Korea Minting Security Printing and ID Card Corp.,) has become a major supplier of raw materials for banknote manufacturers to more than 10 countries.


At present cotton pulp is widely used for making bills, checks, gift certificates and security bank papers. It also serves as a base material for synthetic chemicals and new textile materials.

By: Eugen Gerden