Russian government considers log export ban by 2022

Photo: Kremlin/Wikimedia Commons

According to Wood Resource Quarterly, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a recent statement, ordered the government to strictly control the exportation of roundwood and low-value forest products.

He also requested a "complete ban on shipments of unprocessed or roughly processed conifer and valuable hardwood out of Russia by January 1, 2022." Accrording to analysts, this might be the end of Russia's long-lasting role as one of the world's largest exporter of softwood logs, if the log ban is enacted.

In order to encourage domestic processing of Russian timber, Mr. Putin also wants to implement a government program of subsidized loans for investing in wood processing facilities, primarily in Siberia and Russia's Far East. These industry loans would be available for facilities producing lumber and panels, and pellet manufacturers which predominantly use small-diameter logs for their wood furnish.