Andritz Brasil successfully completes largest concreting work for Klabin’s Puma II project

95 trucks of concrete were needed to complete the process. The first truck entered the site at 5:40 AM and the last one arrived at Puma II at 4:00 PM. Photo: Andritz

On October 26, 2019, Andritz Brasil Ltda. successfully completed concreting work for the base of the Line 5 debarking drum, which is part of the wood preparation equipment (ANDRITZ scope) being supplied in partnership with Afonso França. This is the largest concreting volume in Klabin's Puma II project and required approximately 750 m3 of concrete, which corresponds approximately to the concrete volume needed for a 14-storey building.


While this work was performed in two stages in the first Puma project, this time concreting was completed in a single step. The process is highly complex because the concrete must be kept at a temperature between 18 and 22°C for this kind of concreting in order to prevent any cracking in the base. About 70 tons of ice mixed with the concrete were used to maintain this temperature.


The operation was a complete success due to the excellent teamwork by all the companies involved in the process, each one with especially dedicated teams.