Fabio Perini presents Proxima S6

Photo: Fabio Perrini

Fabio Perini Spa presents at MIAC Proxima S6, the cutting edge rewinder designed to guarantee excellent performances and quality for every type of Away From Home product. Based on the proven Sincro Winding System, Proxima S6 can reach a speed of 600 m/min while drastically reducing product changeover times, since core diameter, roll diameter and length and perforation pitch can be adjusted directly from the control panel.


“It is estimated that over 21 million tons of tissue products, almost one third of the market – Stefano Palazzesi, Marketing Product Manager, comments – are destined to Away From Home products, with global demand driven by Northern America and Europe but growing very rapidly in the Asia-Pacific countries: products designed for this sector have such totally different features that they require specifically designed lines to minimize, for instance, continuous format adjustments”.


Indeed, Proxima S6 allows maximum flexibility in logs handling (with diameters from 90 to 350 mm), thanks to the quick change of core diameter and perforation pitch by the HMI panel, and to a double perforation assembly with 4 and 6 blades.

The core glueing is always clean and efficient thanks to the glue blade.


The use of independent servomotors and drives makes both machinery use and maintenance extremely easy and require a minimum of manual interventions. In addition, state-of-the-art technologies allow noise reduction and energy savings. To top it all, particular focus was put on ergonomy and accessibility for all the groups of Proxima S6, i.e. by incorporating a mobile platform for easy access to the perforation area and to the edge embossers.


“Proxima S6 – Stefano Palazzesi, Marketing Product Manager, says – is centered on meeting our customers’ requirements in a market, such as the Away From Home business, where product adjustments must be done continuously, covering very different characteristics. Proxima S6 incorporates different technologies, already fully proven, allowing to process several high and low density professional products. However, its greatest innovation is its flexibility and ease of product adjustment, performed simply by a command on the HMI control panel”.