PulPac partners with Seaman Paper

Dry Molded Fiber samples with examples of Seaman Paper’s patterned barrier crepe paper. Photo: PulPac

PulPac announces its collaboration with Seaman Paper, a leading global manufacturer of environmentally sustainable specialty paper and packaging solutions. The partnership aims to unlock new possibilities for customized Dry Molded Fiber packaging using colored and patterned barrier crepe paper.

The stretchy barrier crepe paper offers a multitude of possibilities for PulPac's customers seeking personalized packaging solutions. It introduces exciting opportunities for enhanced decor, color, and functionality. By combining the Dry Molded Fiber process with Seaman Paper’s proficiency in crepe paper manufacturing, customers can explore a wide range of customizable options to elevate their packaging designs and functionality.

"We are thrilled to welcome Seaman Paper to PulPac's partner network," said Viktor Börjesson, Chief Operating Officer at PulPac. "Their global presence and diverse capabilities make them an ideal partner for our customers. By combining our expertise in Dry Molded Fiber, barriers, different substrates, prints, and colors through crepe paper, we can offer brands tailor-made packaging solutions that stand out while reducing their environmental footprint."

The collaboration aims to showcase the many possibilities of using barrier crepe paper to enhance product aesthetics in Dry Molded Fiber, but also open doors for new types of products that demand personalized branding elements.

"We are excited to collaborate with PulPac to explore the potential of crepe paper in sustainable packaging solutions," said Bernd Firmbach, VP of Global Product Development at Seaman Paper. "Our partnership represents a significant opportunity to innovate and provide customers with unique packaging solutions that meet their evolving needs for tailored graphic design and barrier functionality while minimizing environmental impact."