Emtec drives efficiency and sustainability with advanced pulp & paper testing solutions at TAPPICon 2024

Photo: Emtec Electronic GmbH

Emtec Electronic GmbH, a leading manufacturer of specialized testing and measuring equipment, will give a technical program presentation and showcase its innovative product line at TAPPICon 2024, one of the premier gatherings for professionals in the pulp, paper, and cardboard industry, from April 28 to May 1 in Cleveland, Ohio.

As sustainability becomes increasingly vital in the paper industry, manufacturers grapple with meeting demand for premium paper goods while minimizing environmental impact and controlling costs. Emtec will exhibit the following products to address these challenges:

•  The ACA Ash Content Analyzer enables precise identification of total mineral filler content and a detailed percentage breakdown of the individual mineral fillers within a minute and without combustion. This allows manufacturers to save costs by reducing energy and filler consumption.

•  The CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System and FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer are lightweight and portable devices often used in tandem to determine the particle charge and zeta potential in the wet-end.  This enables technicians to administer the correct dosage of additives, resulting in a higher-quality product manufactured using fewer resources and less energy.

•  The FPO Fiber Potential Analyzer Online works fully automatically, performing sampling, measuring, and cleaning, therefore requiring minimal maintenance. The FPO integrates directly into the production process in the wet-end and conducts an automatic measurement of the fibers' surface charge. The data can then be sent to the mill’s control system or a data cloud, allowing global accessibility and permanent and reliable process control.

•   The redesigned TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer determines objective numbers for how tissue paper subjectively feels to the touch, providing a reliable haptic analysis of a material in about a minute. The device can be used with the Virtual Haptic Library, a cloud-based database that processes and categorizes TSA data, allowing for real-time global accessibility of haptic test results. Manufacturers can detect deviations in set haptic parameters, facilitating enhanced quality assurance and efficiency.

Additionally, emtec Sales Area Manager Antonio Trampler will present a talk titled “Process Control—From Wet End to Finished Product” on April 29 from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM ET in HCC—Room 25A, T1, offering valuable insights into optimizing control mechanisms throughout the tissue manufacturing process.

TAPPICon attendees are encouraged to visit booth No. 732 from partner company Industrial Physics (IP) to experience comprehensive demonstrations of emtec's innovative products led by Trampler and Rodger Segelstrom (IP). “We look forward to engaging with attendees and discussing how our solutions can enhance efficiency, quality, and sustainability in their operations,” says Trampler.