Runtech-supplied vacuum system started up at Paperera Reyes, Peru

The new TM2 featuring a RunEco vacuum system has started up at Papelera Reyes in Callao, Peru. Runtech delivered an EP600 Turbo Blower and an EcoDrop water separator as part of the tissue machine package. The tissue machine, supplied by RePlus Tissue, can produce 130 tons/day, and operates at a speed of 2,000 meters/minute.

‘’We are proud to have achieved our goal by starting our first machine complete with all advanced technology such as Runtech turbo blower and Turbine GAS integration to support all the machine's energy consumption and save costs,’’ says Walid Ben Amara, Project Manager, EIL/ Replus Tissue.

“This is the first tissue machine delivered by EIL/RePlus Tissue, and we hope it will be the first of many joined projects we can undertake together. Cooperation with all the parties involved has worked seamlessly. Together we have provided the customer with an energy-efficient solution that is fully customized to meet their production needs,” says Leonardo Cavirani, Project Manager, Runtech Systems.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, RunEco vacuum system provides a reliable, completely water-free vacuum solution. EP Turbo Blowers are always variable speed and capacity, which allows the vacuum system to be optimized quickly without bleed air and with minimal throttling and expansion losses. With integrated high-speed motor controlled by a frequency converter, rotation speed and vacuum level can be adjusted according to the process requirements.