Solenis and PhaBuilder announce partnership

The two companies will collaborate on further developing key PHA-based  technology for the paper packaging market.

Solenis, a leading global producer of specialty chemicals for water-intensive industries, has signed an agreement with Beijing PhaBuilder Biotechnology Co., Ltd. an innovative synthetic biology enterprise, to collaborate on further developing key PHA-based  technology for the paper packaging market.

“The global agreement between Solenis and PhaBuilder will enable unique technology to the paper packaging market to meet the growing need for more sustainable solutions in the packaging industry,” said William Kuecker, Senior Director, Global Strategic Marketing, at Solenis.

“This strategic cooperation will help enhance the application of PHA-based materials,” said Ms. Sherry Xu, President, PhaBuilder. “The newly developed technology will ultimately reduce the impact on the environment, bringing a greener and more sustainable future.”

“I’m delighted to witness the strategic agreement signage between Solenis and PhaBuilder,” said Ed Connors, Chief Business Officer, Americas, and Global Business President, Consumer Solutions, at Solenis. “Solenis has been committed to improving our sustainability — and the sustainability of our customers. This agreement is a new milestone in our dedication to the sustainable strategic vision.”

About Solenis

Solenis is a leading global producer of specialty chemicals focused on delivering sustainable solutions for water-intensive industries, including consumer, industrial, institutional, food and beverage, and pool and spa water markets. Owned by Platinum Equity, the company’s product portfolio includes a broad array of water treatment chemistries, process aids, functional additives, and cleaners and disinfectants, as well as state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems. 

About PhaBuilder

PhaBuilder is a company with leading synthetic biotechnology, focusing on the transformation and engineering of halophilic microorganisms. Established in February 2021 by Professor Guoqiang Chen, director of the Center for Synthesis and Systems Biology at Tsinghua University, PhaBuilder mainly uses the cutting-edge “Next Generation Industrial Biotechnology (NGIB)” to develop and produce a variety of high-value-added products such as PHA, a biodegradable material, ectoine, a pharmaceutical intermediate, and cadaverine, a Nylon 56 precursor.