North Macedonia’s Fustelarko Borec increases its dividend this year

North Macedonian cardboard maker Fustelarko Borec has decided to increase its dividend to the company’s shareholders this year. Photo by Fustelarko Borec

Dividend up North Macedonian cardboard maker Fustelarko Borec has announced it is distributing a dividend of some MKD 200 (US$3.5) per share to the company’s shareholders. This represents a considerable increase compared with the dividend of MKD 150 per share the company paid to its shareholders in 2023.


Fustelarko Borec is distributing a total of MKD 14.3 million from the producer’s net profit for 2023 this year, according to the information obtained by local news site

In business for 40 years, we have earned an enviable reputation and a wide portfolio of satisfied customers. In the area of printed packaging, the requirements for graphic processing and quality printing are increasingly evident,” the cardboard maker said in a statement.