Advanced Industries Packaging will attend the Eurosac Congress

Image: Advanced Industries Packaging

Advanced Industries Packaging will attend the Eurosac Congress on May 23-25, 2024, in Porto, Portugal.

Eurosac's annual congress gathers the main players of the paper sack industry for several days, combining informative work sessions and business networking.

 This year's motto is “Paper Sacks – Empowering Circularity.” Around 130 thought leaders, industry enthusiasts, and key market players will attend the Congress.

Advanced Industries Packaging will use this opportunity for networking and to present its innovation in the Grand-Prix session.

Advanced Industries Packaging is the second largest paper sacks manufacturer in Europe with its 6 production sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic and Romania, with a total installed capacity of more than 700 million sacks per year.

Advanced Industries Packaging makes sacks in a variety of designs intended for a broad range of uses and also consults customers on what could be the best packaging solutions for their products.